How We Work

We combine your knowledge of your business and your values, with our proven methodology and experience

Option 1 - We Work With You

We provide you with experienced business change experts to lead the end to end review, using the 4C methodology, supported by your people.

Option 2 - We Enable You

We provide you with training on the 4C methodology and support materials to run improvement projects using your own people. These training sessions can be dedicated for your organisation or available as open training sessions. Additional post-training governance and support can also be arranged.

Option 3 - Something Bespoke

For organisations that have clear requirements in terms of approach, language, governance or engagement then we can create something entirely bespoke for your business, based on our proven methodology but tailored to your needs

For more information please contact our team.

The 4C Methodology


Purpose: Conduct an end to end review, gather key data to understand existing process and opportunities

Key outcomes:

  • Clear understanding of the process
  • 4 sources of data gathered to build picture
  • Opportunities identified


Purpose: Share, test and validate the findings of the Challenge phase with key stakeholders and the wider business

Key outcomes:

  • Agreed list of opportunities to take forward to Change
  • Stakeholder commitment obtained


Purpose: Deliver projects to design solutions using a test & learn approach. Select final solutions & implement

Key outcomes:

  • Detailed understanding of data & root causes
  • Pilot solution complete
  • Solutions designed
  • Changes implemented
  • Benefits realisation commences


Purpose: Post implementation review(s) and an opportunity to look at lessons learned

Key outcomes:

  • Completed Post Implementation Review
  • Lessons learned
  • Benefits tracking established


I am absolutely sure that without you and your colleagues, MPS would not have been able to achieve any of the change that we have achieved and I am sure that your personal involvement in the claims project has been critical and crucial to the progress we have made.

I am very grateful to you for your contribution; your legacy will certainly live on in MPS for many years to come.

Simon Kayll

CEO, Medical Protection